How Do I Make It Easy For The Engineer To Inspect My Car?

My vehicle is in use during the day
We will come to the vehicle; you do not have to come to us. So if you are using the vehicle to get to work, we can inspect at your work address.  If the vehicle is continually in use, for example a delivery van within York, the engineer will contact you on the arranged day to arrange an exact time and location.

The vehicle is not useable and I am out of the house all day
We can inspect while it is parked on your drive or roadside.  Please ensure the engineer can walk all round the vehicle and it is not parked up against a wall or hedge.  We need to know the mileage so if it is an electronic dash we will call you later for this information.  Sometimes the extent of the damage is not visible in an external inspection.  If you have any further information (eg steering pulls to the side, electric windows do not work) let the office or the engineer know.  All inspections are backed up by a full garage estimate, so damage which was not clear at the time of the inspection will be found during the estimate process.

I am at work all day and wish to keep my vehicle locked in my garage.
If your vehicle has already had an estimate done, we can sometimes compile our report from the estimate and images.  This is not always possible but it reduces the time taken to produce a report and we do not need to wait until you are able to be home for the inspection.

What about Post-Repair Inspections?

We will contact you to arrange the date, time and location for the inspection and answer any questions you have.