Saturday, July 31, 2021
Category Blog There are so many people involved in this claim. Who are they?

There are so many people involved in this claim. Who are they?

Insurance Company: Insure your vehicle. Most insurance companies have their own engineers who will inspect your vehicle if they are dealing with your claim.

Engineers: Acorn Assessors are independent engineers and have many different work providers.  Work providers refer to Acorn Assessors as ‘the engineers’ but we have field engineers who are out on the road and will come out and physically inspect a vehicle, and also image engineers (also known as image assessors) who will create the report from the estimate and images provided by the repairers.

Repairers/Garage: Provide estimates and carry out repairs to the vehicle.  Repairers will have their own image assessors and engineers

Third Party Insurance Company: Insure the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident.

Third Party Engineers: The engineers who have inspected the other vehicle.

Solicitors: Advise you on legal issues.

Claims Handlers: Liaise with engineers, repairers, solicitors and both your and the third party’s insurance company.  Some Claims handlers are a department within an insurance company, and some are independent.

Brokers: These are an intermediary between you and your insurance company.

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