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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

On-Site Tablet PC Inspections Trialed

Acorn Assessors invest a consierable amount of financial and human resources into staying at the cutting edge of technology.Tablet Pc

For sometime we have had a PDA system that our road based engineer use to inspect vehicles from the site of inspection.

Our OnSite system has a direct connection to our claims management system which allows full 2 way realtime communication. the ongoing feedback from our engineers was that the system was a little tricky to use and they would prefer a larger screen.....


Tomtom Web Fleet Management Implemented

Tomtom FleetAfter analysing all of the available products on the market Acorn Assessors chose the Tom Tom Web fleet solution to allow them to track their road based engineers and communicate with them on the move.

The Tom Tom Solution came out on top as it provided a neat and tidy GPS SatNav solution tha could be windscreen mounted, whilst providing vehicle tracking and advanced two way communication.

The sytem allows us to see where our engineers are at all times and to allocate urgent inspections to them immediately based on their location...


Acorn Signs up With Shredall Recycling

Alot of office waste is generated by Acorn Assessors, despite most information being sent electronically.  Instead of keeping files in a paper archives, we scan the files onto the server and dispose of the Shredalloriginals.  Paper was collected in 'Green Bins', shredded for security and the full bags waited in the downstairs lobby until there was enough to make a trip to the local skips worthwhile.  When we moved to our current premises, the full bags took up space and were unsightly, and our location meant it was inconvenient to dispose of the waste ourselves.  Also, it was almost a full time job to scan and shred completed files and a better solution was needed.


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