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Saturday, July 31, 2021
News Tomtom Web Fleet Management Implemented

Tomtom Web Fleet Management Implemented

Tomtom FleetAfter analysing all of the available products on the market Acorn Assessors chose the Tom Tom Web fleet solution to allow them to track their road based engineers and communicate with them on the move.

The Tom Tom Solution came out on top as it provided a neat and tidy GPS SatNav solution tha could be windscreen mounted, whilst providing vehicle tracking and advanced two way communication.

The sytem allows us to see where our engineers are at all times and to allocate urgent inspections to them immediately based on their location...

The system also offers an advanced API which our in house IT team are currently developing with. We are looking to develop a future implementation that is fully integrated with our claims management system. We would like for the booking agents to ring fence inspections into a certain area using the google maps api in our claims system and to submit the ring fenced jobs directly to the ngineers SatNav system planning the most efficient route for their day.

Furthermore we want to use the tomtom webfleet api to allow us to view the distance between the engineers current location and their next appointment. This will allow us to give very accurate information to clients with the ability for example to say "the engineer will be with you in the next 2 minutes".

The system allows us to minimise fuel costs and efficiently monitor and plan our engineers work loads amongst a whole other array of added value functions that we are continuing to integrate and leverage to our customers advantage.


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