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Acorn Assessors has showed consistent growth from its humble beginnings as a husband and wife partnership, to one of the largest companies of its kind within the industry.

In 1996 Husband and Wife John and Jane Townsend started the business, John would go and inspect vehicles all day and bring the reports home for his wife Jane to type. The business quickly moved from the dining room table to the downstairs bedroom and then to a new extension built onto their family home. Soon again this wasnt enough and the first office lease was taken in Bedern bank Ripon and their son Jonathan took control of the companies IT, building the beginnings of the leading claims management system that still runs the company today.

"from the dining room table.... to custom built office space"

The company soon outgrew the relatively small Bedern bank office and despite its nice view of Ripon Cathedral, the company was moved to a larger prestigious commercial property at Phoneix Business centre, Ripon in March 2000.

Around this time John's daughter Nicola joined the company in a HR and operations role. The business continued to grow from strength to strength and in 2002 the company moved to a further larger premises with room for expansion at Canalside, Dallamires Lane, Ripon.

This office premsies was initially a workshop with office space above.  Within a short space of time we had converted the workshop into further office space which became the engineering department.  However, the amount of Acorn work continued to increase and we moved next door into Unit 3. Soon after we knocked through the opposite wall into Unit 5 and doubled the workforce.

It seemed that whenever a new member of staff started we had to move desks around to fit them in.

"At this time we seemed to be constantly moving to a larger premsies to cope with continuing demand."

In 2006, after a brief hiatus to work for one of the University of Manchester's advanced IT development team's and then a global Law Firm, John's son Jonathan joined the company full time in a primarily IT oriented role to help push the company forward in what seemed to be a tidal wave of IT advancement in the industry. Jonathan helped to secure the companies position as one of the leading companies in the industry, in terms of their usage of computing and information technology. In later years Jonathan took a more mangerial role while continuing to secure and advance the companies position in terms of IT, brand, marketing and growth.

In October 2008 an opportunity arose to purchase some land for a a development opportunity. A strategic location near to major motorway links was decided upon and the land and building was purchased to make way for development of a custom built office space for Acorn Assessors.

Although previously a factory unit with office space at the rear, we began a program of renovation to turn the building into a state of the art office.  We added a ceiling to create an upper floor with a stairwell and lift-shaft.  A dedicated server room and separate boardroom were also created, and one of the lower offices extended to form a kitchen/staff room.

The building work took over 10 months to complete and we finally moved in on 25th October 2008. Security shutters, CCTV, backup power sources and category 6 network cable was added to create an advanced office space that would last the company long into the future with room for continuing expansion.

In 2009 the founder of the company John Townsend sadly passed away, but his son and daughter alongside longstanding company secretary Richard Thomlinson and wife Pam, continue to take the company from strength to strength.

Currently son Jonathan - Director, Pam - Director and daughter Nicola Nelson - Operations Director, take the helm and operate the company on a day to day basis.

Nicola focuses on operations and HR, with Pam leading prcessing teams, while Jonathan continues to focus on IT, business development and marketing with Richard focusing on accounts affairs.

With consistent growth we are often on the look out for talented individuals to join our team. If you wish to apply then please contact us.


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