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Accident Damage Inspections

The vast majority of the inspections we undertake are accident damaged cars, but we are also able to inspect motorbikes, vans, lorries and agricultural equipment that has suffered flood damage, stolen and recovered, fire damage and mechanical failure.

"a bespoke service, tailored to your specific requirements"

Reports can be fully tailored to our work providers individual requirements but as a general rule always include:-

  • Vehicle details, automatically imported from HPI.
  • Further vehicle information such as mileage and tyre tread depths, noted by the engineer at the time of his inspection.
  • A small diagram indicating the area of damage. Different impacts are marked separately; primary impacts are indicated with 'XXX' and secondary impacts with 'OOO.'
  • The repair work required to get the vehicle back to its pre-accident condition: new parts needed, repairs to panels, any specialist work including geometry check and jigs, and a breakdown of the costs involved.
  • Details of the garage that we have agreed repair costs with, if applicable.
  • Pre-accident valuation usually from Glass's Guide showing the Top and Bottom book prices, and how we have arrived at the value, for example deducting for unrelated damage or increasing for lower than average mileage.
  • The salvage value and category if the vehicle is uneconomical to repair.

Occasionally work providers will ask for further information and we are able to integrate this into our report.

  • Whether the vehicle has been a previous total loss and how this affects the current valuation.
  • The expected average mileage.
  • Reasons why the vehicle is not driveable.
  • Whether the severity of impact was enough to cause personal injury

"advanced leading IT services, providing customised and flexible solutions"

We are able to receive instructions via our website, xml, email, fax, post, telephone and a custom electronic data interchange link, between our in house claims management system and our customers back end systems. Our in house IT team are happy to assist wioth systems integration so that your back end systems can instruct us directly into our claims management system.

"Inspections within 48 hours of contacting the client"

We gurantee to inspect vehicles within 48 hours of contact with the client. We then forward the completed report 24 hours thereafter. Our reports are ABI and CPR compliant, meaning no further questions will be asked from you or the receiving party.

Our accident damage inspection services include:-

  • Accident damage inspections fault or non fault.
  • Post Repair Inspections
  • Cat ā€˜Cā€™ & ā€˜Dā€™ Insurance Write-off Inspections
  • Mechanical Failure Inspections
  • Specialist Inspections
  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Locus Reports
  • Diminution Inspections / Reports
  • Court representation

Fees and charges:-

Our fees vary from a one off private inspection to a complete outsourced solution to insurance companies, accident management companies, law firms, fleet managers, rental companies and more.

We can provide volume based discounts and blended fees on large volumes of inspections, with contracts and SLA's in place we can continually provide the server you require, guranteed.

Our accounting process is very flexible and we can send weekly or monthly borderaux's and offer various credit terms due to our size.


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Services We Offer

Acorn Assessors can provide diminution related assessments and valuation reports for vehicles that have lost their value due to an accident.
Accident Damage
We are able to inspect cars, motorbikes, vans, lorries and agricultural equipment, that has suffered accident damage, flood damage, stolen and recovered, fire damage and mechanical failure.
We have a large team of highly trained image engineers in house. This allows us to efficiently respond to large volumes of desktop based inspections using most desktop assessment software including Audaterx, Glassmatix, ARCS based systems and others.
IT Integration
Acorn Assessors in house IT team can assist with system advancement and integration allowing a more streamlined and effective method of communicaiton and work flow.
Post Repair

Inevitabley there are occasions where the customer is not happy with th repairs carried out to the vehicle. Acorn Assessors can carry out Post Repair Inspections when the customer has concerns or complaints against the repair work that has been carried out.

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