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Diminution Reports

Acorn Assessors can provide diminution related assessments and valuation reports for an independent perspective.

Diminution in value occurs when a vehicle has been damaged and subsequently repaired. Although repairs will have been carried out to a commerically acceptable standard, it is obvious to a trained eye that repairs have taken place.

"assessing the loss in value"

When two similar vehicles are side by side for sale on a garage forecourt, one of which has been involved in an accident and one which has not, the previously damaged vehicle will be less attractive and the seller is likely to offer a discount.  This difference in value, between the vehicle prior to the accident and the value at the time the vehicle is sold on, is known as diminution.

The amount of diminution will vary depending on the value of the vehicle, its age and mileage and the severity of damage.  A vehicle under 50,000 miles and less than three years old will usually qualify for diminution.  Motorbikes do not generally qualify as damage is often severe enough to require replacement panels rather than repair.

From the repairers estimate we can establish the work that was required especially which panels were repaired and use our knowledge and experience to place a percentage of diminution on the vehicle. This can vary between 3% and 25%.


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Services We Offer

Acorn Assessors can provide diminution related assessments and valuation reports for vehicles that have lost their value due to an accident.
Accident Damage
We are able to inspect cars, motorbikes, vans, lorries and agricultural equipment, that has suffered accident damage, flood damage, stolen and recovered, fire damage and mechanical failure.
We have a large team of highly trained image engineers in house. This allows us to efficiently respond to large volumes of desktop based inspections using most desktop assessment software including Audaterx, Glassmatix, ARCS based systems and others.
IT Integration
Acorn Assessors in house IT team can assist with system advancement and integration allowing a more streamlined and effective method of communicaiton and work flow.
Post Repair

Inevitabley there are occasions where the customer is not happy with th repairs carried out to the vehicle. Acorn Assessors can carry out Post Repair Inspections when the customer has concerns or complaints against the repair work that has been carried out.

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