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Every month, Glass's collates and analyses some 100,000 prices from a wide variety of sources the length and breadth of the country. These sources include auctions, franchised dealers, manufacturers, rental and leasing companies, the internet and newspapers and magazines.

Glass's team of Data Researchers take all of this raw data and assign each price observation to Glass's unique Vehicle Model Code, and then the Editors put their own experience and expertise to work, extrapolating the data, looking for trends and adding their own knowledge and understanding of the way the used vehicle market works.

The end result is a reliable and up-to-the-minute source of valuations that professionals whose profits depend upon accurate information know they can rely upon every day. That is why Glass's Guides are known as the motor trade's 'Bible' which stands up in a court of law.

Acorn Assessors use Glass's guide valuations using their Evaluator software to provide accurate vehicle valuations.

We also use their Glassmatic desktop inspection software, which allows us to collate all of the available information on a vehicle and inspect and assess the vehicle remotely using our in house desktop based engineer staff.

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