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Once the site for our head office was purchased we listed the key elements that we would like to see in an office location. The process was similar to the famous grand designs television show where we fulfilled our dreams by designing and building a custom built office space to our bespoke specification.

At all times during the development process we had a green policy to ensure we had a building of the highest specification tailored to our needs, whilst being environmentally friendly. We believe that teamwork is key to successful fulfillment of our contracts so the office was designed to be completely open plan to allow everyone to work together as a team.

"teamwork is key"

At the front of the office there are floor to ceiling glass panels and we also have a glass boardroom to maximise the use of natural light. At the end of the day automatic shutters fully secure the building and its contents. CCTV cameras run 24/7 and provide permiter surveillance.

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The glass them continues through the building with large windows and an open wooden staircases with glass panels on the outside and a glass lift to take staff and visitors up to the first floor.

The green thinking environmental policy of our company lead to the logo re-brand, the green coloured window frames and the distinctive 3D logo thats mounted on the outside of the building.

One of the most notable additions to the building during its final stages of development is the extension to the far side which houses the staff dining area and toilets and extends further to a secure data center housing our servers and claims management system our network core infrastructure and a further downstairs boardroom for further meetings and team talks.

Due to our offices prime location next to the UK's major road network and train infrastructure, many of our road based engineers report back to head office on a daily basis and all staff report regularly for training and updates.


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