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Tomtom GPS Tracking

The connected navigation solution from TomTom combines Plug & Play Tracking & Tracing and fleet management technology with intelligent navigation and communication tools. Our vehicles simply require a TomTom unit for planning their routes. Our headquarters only need a computer with internet access to connect with the web based TomTom WEBFLEET. The connected navigation solution from TomTom WORK simplifies controlling and management of vehicles and drivers. Drivers are provided with a comfortable communication and navigation system.

The TomTom WORK solution offers the following key elements:Tomtom Unit

  • TomTom GO 9000: TomTom's latest version of its award-winning TomTom GO offers each driver a personal navigation system and also allows engineers to communicate with the office personnel.
  • TomTom LINK: A small and compact engine located in every vehicle transmits the current vehicle position (via GPS) and further information (via GPRS) to our head office, where it is shown on a large screen map.
  • TomTom WEBFLEET: This easy to use internet based service offers access to fleet management and comprehensive analyses 24 hours a day. TomTom WEBFLEET provides us with information such as daily and weekly mileage reports.

"The TomTom system has greatly improved efficiency and the length of time taken to inspect vehicles. "

Although we book all inspections from head office so are aware of where any engineer will be during the day, the TomTom tracker enables us to see at a glance exactly where the engineers are and we can match this with new inspections as they come through.  We generally allocate work using the vehicle location's postcode, but now we can see on a map that actually a particular vehicle is only 10 miles from an engineer that would usually not inspect in that postcode location.  The mileage reports allow us to see overall where we can improve further, for example by changing an engineer's basic inspection area so he can inspect more vehicles without travelling further.
"The system also keeps our engineers miles to a minimum, reducing our carbon footprint and reducing ware and tear"


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